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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Your Kids Health - Is It Important to you?

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Our Children's Health is in Crisis!
Dr. Edwards joins with Teen Success Coach, Jim Brogan and me, Greg Writer, in this amazing teleseminar on improving your children's health.
Discover the benefits of Mangosteen Fruit and the dangers of malnutrition in our youth with world renowned physician and expert, Dr. John Edwards.
Dr. Edwards works at the Healthy Oakland Foundation in Oakland, CA where he provides liquid supplements to his patients for relief of a wide variety of ailments that are being cured or managed with proper supplementation.
According to Dr. Mehemet Oz, another world renowned doctor and children's health advocate, our daily diets do NOT provide the minerals and nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. This is especially concerning for our children, because without the proper nutrients thier little bodies won't develop to be the best that they can be.....
....but "kids won't take vitamins" you say?
That's exactly why CEN has teamed up with Vemma, because KIDS like it and that's the biggest obstacle.
To be a part of this insiders group of amazing child advocates - visit and click on the audio button, You and your family will be glad you did!
Thank you for your time,

Greg Writer
CEO & Founder
Children's Educational Network
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The Other Side. Is Evolution a New Religion?


Is Education what it was intended to be or has it become a religion?

I present here some links to Intelligent Design websites. I do so only because EVERYONE is taught about Evolution but FEW if any are ALLOWED to TEACH about the ideas about Intelligent Design.

Doesn't it strike you as odd, that scientists, and quasi-scientists like Dawkins DO NOT WANT to ALLOW ID to be presented alongside evolution??

If Evolution is purely science, should it not stand up to the questions and "but's" that intelligent people have raised about it?

Isn't an important element of education to hear BOTH SIDES of an argument and then select what you believe is most accurate?

Or have we degraded to the evolution religionists who COVER THEIR EARS and DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN to anything else except what they have been taught?

Could CENSORSHIP be leveled against the adamant evolutionist community? What else explains their lack of listening to the other side? Do they want to protect impressionable minds from being deluded? Or do they want to delude impressionable minds?

Intelligent Design is simply the idea that there is so much order and complexity in the universe of life that it is possible that life shows a design not simply an accident.

I can not as a former teacher agree that evolution is all about science. I have heard Duane Gish at McMaster University present ONLY SCIENTIFIC QUESTIONS THAT SEEM TO BE A REAL PROBLEM TO EVOLUTION. He DID NOT MENTION RELIGION ONCE!

But as soon as questions were allowed, ALL OF THE ARGUMENTS AGAINST HIS QUESTIONS assumed that he mentioned religion. HE DID NOT.

NOT ONE of these objectors EVEN ATTEMPTED to answer the questions that HE RAISED in the presentation.

There was so much blindness, seemingly lack of paying attention to what he said, that it was shocking to me.

How in a university community could people who want their students to LISTEN carefully present such a poor example of LISTENING???

The only reasonable answer can be that there is such a prejudice and bias AGAINST religion that many think they hear "religion" when NONE is ever mentioned.

That is why the other side should be aired. Some are blind to anything except what they believe. If Galileo or Copernicus were in that lecture hall in a time warp going back 500 years or more would these same people who did not hear Mr. Gish also not have heard Galileo or Copernicus?

Unfortunately I see the same lack of listening on the part of many evolutionists.

So if you are open-minded at all, please at least look at the other side.

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Evolution Controversy


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